Wire bonding equipment for lab & fab

Why EastBond?

We believe that if there is good wire bonding in the West (WestBond), so respectively there should be one in the East also.
So here we are: greetings from Moscow, Russia!

Our background

We work in the field of wire bonding since early 1980s. Our engineering experience of service & tune-up of wire bonders brought us to our own maintenance-free bonder design. We minimized the amount of tune-up to improve reliability and make the equipment user-friendly and mechanic-free.

For the last two decades our bonders were sold primarily to Russian factories, research universities and laboratories. The positive feedback from our Russian users demonstrated the quality and longevity of our bonders. Now we’re offering our bonders worldwide.

Our wire bonders

All our bonders are manual, with motorized Z & Y axis to perform a complete wire bonding sequence with bond termination by clamp tear or table tear.

Here’s a short overview of key features & benefits:

  • Maintenance-free design with minimal amount of tune-up
  • Durable & realiable mechanics. No friction, no cooling fans, no heatsinks. 5 years of warranty & decades of failsafe operation.
  • Changeable bonding head: thin wire, heavy aluminium wire, deep access, even resistance welder — one bonder for all applications
  • High frequency (110 kHz) ultrasonic transducer is a base option
  • Automatic bond height detection guarantees the loop profile to be constant
  • A low-cost customized set of bond tools for various wire diameters and bond lengths is available ($50/tool, minimum set is one tool)
  • Manual & automatic work modes: for lab & fab respectively. Allows to bond both prototypes/samples and series with the same bonder.
  • Highest performance in the world within the class of manual bonders: about 10.000 bonds/hour
  • Fully automated lange couplers bonding feature (for automated very short wires bonding)
  • All bond parameters are programmable: loop profile, bond force, wire feed, tail length etc.
  • Selectable bond termination mode: table tear or clamp tear
  • Precision side wire feed allows to bond short loops
  • Right-to-left bonding direction offers clear and sharp view of the whole bond loop
  • Semi-focal trinocular microscope head allows to observe the bonding process both in the eyepieces and on the monitor at the same time
  • Most compact (400x310x360 mm = 16x12x14 in) and lightweight (16 kg = 35 lbs) bonder on the market (if we’re mistaken, please let us know).

How much is it?

You will find our bonders to be about 1/2 or 1/3 of the price of the nearest US and European analogs.

You’re welcome to ask for a quote if you’re interested.

More info needed?

Click here for more information about our bonders.